Thanks for your patience as we made adjustments to our Website. This was necessary due to updated Covid-19 guidelines affecting our Funderland event at the RDS. The changes are intended to keep us all safe. If we need to make a few more tweaks to the event, we will update these FAQ’s.

Q. Opening times for Funderland Dublin
A. Funderland opens from 26th Dec to 9th Jan. We will be open from 10am and 8pm up to 2nd Jan. From 3rd to 9th January we will be open from 12noon until 8pm. We must close at 8pm each day in compliance with Covid Restrictions.

Q. What is Funderland's admission procedure?
A. An Admission charge of €2 will apply to all patrons entering Funderland. An admission ticket for a Family (2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult and 3 Children will cost €5). We do not charge for children under 3 years of age. Additional measures apply to patrons entering the indoor fairground – see below.

 Q. Are there Covid-19 Restrictions at Funderland?
A. Yes. Funderland is a blend of an Outdoor and Indoor fairground. Protective measures must be observed such as keeping your social distance, wearing a face mask (over 10 years) and using the hand sanitising stations provided. Additional Covid-19 Restrictions apply to patrons accessing the Indoor fairground. A valid EU Digital Covid Cert along with supporting photo ID will be required to access the Indoor fairground. Unaccompanied minors (under 18 years) will also be required to provide proof of covid immunity, along with supporting photo ID, in order to go indoors. Please make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged.

Q. Are there height Restrictions for some attractions?
A. The Ultimate Thrill Attractions at Funderland have minimum Height Restrictions varying from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters. Many of the Family attractions at Funderland do not have height restrictions however, we recommend small children are accompanied by a responsible person. At Funderland we have many suitable attractions for our Junior guests who are under 1.2 meters height.

Q. What do I need to bring after booking online?
A. If you have booked online please bring your Order Number (this appears on screen once you have booked). You will also be sent a confirmation email with a PDF attachment. If possible, print a copy of your pdf attachment and bring it with you. If, for any reason, you cannot print the email attachment please ensure that you have your Order number to avoid delays and inconvenience. If you do not receive an email confirming your booking please check your Spam folder before contacting us.

Q. Are all day Wristbands available?
A. Wristbands are not available for this event. Individual attractions offer family discount deals and, for a limited time, we have a Ten Shot voucher that you can redeem on any of the rides. You pay €30 for ten rides. These vouchers are exclusively available at the main entrance. Please be aware that there are Fake vouchers being sold online. We cannot redeem such Fake vouchers.

Q. What other method of payment can I use at Funderland?
A. Contactless payment systems are provided. You can Pay-As-You-Go, having paid the admission price you simply pay for the individual attraction(s) of your choice.

Q. Is there parking available at Funderland?
A. Yes, the RDS operate a supervised car park on-site. Separate payment is required for vehicular parking.

Q. How do I find something, I've lost at Funderland?
A. Please contact the event office on-site as soon as you have lost something. You can also Telephone us or Email us at info@funderland.com.

Q. How do I contact Funderland?
A. Contact us on (01) 4853045 or Email: info@funderland.com

Q. How do I apply for a part-time Job at Funderland?
A. Please contact the Funderland event office on-site during office hours or email us at info@funderland.com